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The story...

Surrounded by executive board rooms, collared shirts, and stiff handshakes– two corporate mavericks with a passion for streetwear created Rockdale Golf & Country Club. It is neither a golf course nor a country club, but a destination of attitude--a place where tattoos and style can coexist with tradition and etiquette.

RGCC designs garments with a modern fit and an anti-Establishment aesthetic, styled for a modern life that travels from the office, to the links, to drinks.

Rockdale Golf & Country Club: Modern, active, luxury streetwear made with the highest quality fabrics for every lifestyle. Designed and built in the USA.

In their first 3 months, RGCC has doubled in size, adding on a passionate team of fashion and retail leaders. Recently, their footwear was spotted on Travis Mills at the 2017 American Music Awards.